I just wanna let you know
What is on my mind
You know that I love you so
You are one of a kind

In my heart, there’s a special place
Where all of your love lives
Everything’s in a special case
And all my love to you I give

It hurts me when I see you cry in pain
Even i dont let my tears come running down
I’m trying to be tough
Never let you see me crying

When, late at night, you’re asleep in bed
And I’m still wide awake
I creep on your room and watch you sleep
Hope you have sweet dream

I know I’m not a good girl
But I never let you down
So, please don’t look back in the past
Or listen to the bad things I ever say
For they are untrue
I regret them fast
I love you more each and every day

I wish I could kiss away your pain
And dry your lonesome tears
If I could,
I’d scare away your fears.

No words can explain how I feel
I can never thank you enough
For all the love and pain you’ve healed
When all my times got tough

I wrote this poem as I work
Thinking of my you Mama, so true (lately)
In rough times, always remember that
Ibu, I Love You so

P.S: get well mommy, we’r nothing without you

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