Once a year I get the chance
to wish my birthday cheer
Instead of counting and blowing candles,
I have great friend who makes my days so wonderful
I wish another great year to be with you guys.
Thanks for being around
May God keep blessings to all of You.

P.S: Thanks to my great family and my friends
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*Musibah 10 Mei

7 thoughts on “5-5

  1. Happy Birthday to you, I celebrate this day as my day too, but for you who always has this day.

    Happy birthday To you, my dear…
    Kisses, Huges And Best Wishes From me, May all your wishes come true.

  2. I have great friend who makes my days so wonderful

    you deserve it, because you’ve been a great gift God ever sent to us 🙂

    happy birthday…

  3. The aniversary is not about how old someone is (ga ngenyek lo jek), but its more how they learn something from the year before and how they respect the coming days.

    Happy B’day pal ..

  4. happy birthday pal… all my best wishes is for you…

    thank you for the ice cream and the kfc’s…

  5. wis ta siram kok, kudune komen iki ndak perlu, tapi ben lengkap ae:
    – met ultah – wish u have a great days always

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